Of School, Excursions, and Caves

School started in early March, and my teacher-heart is reveling in it! Of course, there are the shadowy moments along with the sunshiny ones, and the Procrastination Disorder that afflicts me regularly, and the hours of preparation… but I love it, (almost) all of it.

On the first Saturday of the school year, we teachers took our students to Marakoopa Caves for a long-overdue field trip. Our day was a lot of fun. We took a long, scenic route, and enjoyed the various extremely creative mailboxes we saw on the way before arriving at the cave office.

We ate lunch on site… (there was more to it than that, I promise!)

…before taking the cave tour.

Our tour guide was very informative. Among other things, I learned that the “Organ Pipes” (as the above formation is aptly named) is a large chunk of flowstone, formed by slowly running water over limestone. (I think.) Stanley did a good job of taking pictures, at least as well as you can in a dimly lit cave with a little point and shoot; I was pleasantly surprised by the photos he got. One of my favourite parts was the glow-worm cavern, where all the lights got switched off and we could see a whole new starry “sky,” with not a familiar constellation in sight. Of course, we couldn’t take pictures of them.

The temperature of the cave inside is at a steady 9’C all year round, and from where we’re standing in this picture (close to the mouth of the cave) we could feel a cold draught of air.

We stopped at Macca’s on the way home and treated the kiddies to a snack, and arrived home tired but happy with our day.

9 thoughts on “Of School, Excursions, and Caves

  1. That looks & sounds like a fun day out.

    I used to like visiting Jenolan Caves, about 2 hours from me, but haven’t been able to get up there in recent years due to health problems (mine & my parents), and lack of time. I still haven’t seen all of the open caves (some aren’t open to the public) even after several visits. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit them again soon & complete all of the tours.

    • hi sefania

      sorry to hear your family are not well

      it sounds like a lot of fun going to macca’s yum haven’t been for ages

      i hope you all get well i be prayin for ya all
      wiv love from alintaxxx.

    • Our school calendar is slightly different, as we veto the short holidays during the year and take them all in summer. So we have nine solid months of school and three months of holidays.

  2. hi stef

    i have just thought of another question to ask about
    when it comes to new visitors in the community
    -1 i hope people don’t get teased for being different or bullied.
    2- how does your community react to new visitors or new comers in your community
    and do you have a code of conduct
    that members should and need to follow at all times
    from alinta as i do not wanto feel left out or put off before coming up there next year as i am still thinking about it
    please help me out with this
    i hope u are not offended in any way

    • As far as I know, no one here gets teased or bullied for being different. And our community takes new visitors in as best as we can. Of course we’re not perfect, but we try to incorporate each guest into the workforce, spend time with them, and invite them into the different homes for meals and visits.

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