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Our society is in desperate need of prayer. Part of our role is to provide for some of this need, so we set aside time each day for prayer, both private and corporate. If you have needs in your life that you would like us to pray about, please drop a comment on this page and we will pray for you. If you’d rather contact us privately, send an email to this address. Just know that we are available!!

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  1. Dear detention river Christian community My name is Damon owen-Turner. I send this message to ask for you to pray for me and my little family made up of myself chaylyn my partner and our new baby aldon. Me and chay love the lord and believe in him and the father. Recently me and chay had a accident on the road in a little 4×4 that was our home we had turned it into a camper. We were blessed to be safe but it did write off the vehicle. It was not a expensive but we had no insurance and it was our home. It is now in the salvage yard we are unable to move it as without the vehicle our income has stopped. We are living in a remote area in a tent at the moment we have limited funds and are quite stuck. Please pray for us as i know god will help us please pray his grace fills us his wisdom guides us and the lords will br done. Thank you and hod bless

    • Hello Damon
      Thanks for you request. We are praying for you and your situation!! Please keep in touch and let us know how you’r going.
      God Bless You,

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