Late summer and early autumn have brought us a bountiful harvest of big, beautiful tomatoes. On Thursday we made a second large batch of salsa and bottled it for the coming winter! We do the garden and bottling work all together as ladies, although I usually am only in on the tail end of things, coming in from school after 3.00 pm. It’s enjoyable, especially on these golden sunny autumn afternoons.

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  1. Which varieties of tomatoes do you grow & use in the Salsa? Do you grow all or most of the ingredients yourself?

    • We used a range of varieties 🙂 Legend, Allan’s Early Reds, and Gross Lisse were probably what most of them were. We grew the tomatoes and garlic ourselves but the rest of the ingredients (like capsicum and onion) we bought from our local veggie shed!

      • We have tried to grow a few varieties at our house, but have had limited success. We have a few Cherry Tomato plants that we are getting some fruit from, they seem to be the best we can grow.

        • We also had that trouble last year! We had thousands of cherry tomatoes and not much else. But this year, we managed to grow a lot of bigger varieties. Cherry tomatoes are so yummy but if you want to process large amounts of them, they can get really annoying because of their size!

          • I find the cherry tomatoes annoying just in a salad!!! Too small to cut, but don’t like eating them whole, especially when they are fresh out of the fridge.

            We have stony soil where we are, and a large sandstone bed just below the surface, which limits most of our plants to being potted varieties.

          • PS. I saw a girl that resembles the 3rd girl from the left in the picture when I was working today. Any chance she is in Sydney at the moment?

          • No… no chance 🙂 She’s home. But it would be interesting to know who resembles my best friend! 🙂

          • I saw your friend’s twin again today. She’s an English (judging by her accent) backpacker staying in Bondi at the moment. Unfortunately I didn’t get her name (don’t get much time to talk to people while I’m working). If I get talking to her again I might let her know about her Tasmanian twin.

    • No, it’s not for Lent 🙂 Good guess though! It’s simply something we did as a community to improve our overall health.

  2. hi stefania

    i hope u are well
    can u please pass on a message for me to sarah ann to say that next year in 2018 in 3rd week of april or may from a sunday afternoon until the saturday in may for a week, for 1st time visitors so from a sunday arvo, monday,tuesday,wednesday, thursday, friday and then come back home on the saturday
    then i would look at doing 5 months in your community not sure yet still need time to think about but the types of work that i have put to sarah ann i hope the types of work will be ongoing

    please and thankyou

    enjoy your evening

    from alinta, but for a week i would like to wear dresses and shirts
    if i may

    • No worries, but Sarahanne is in charge of those negotiations, so I advise you to contact the visitors’ email.

  3. no i can’t access the visitors email

    as u need to have a account seperate for that which i can’t do

    but to speak to her on the phone and thankyou for your reply’s

    love from alinta
    but also do u know if sarah ann has raised with me coming up there next year but is everybody in the group been notified about this with all the other members in the group
    with love from alinta xx.

  4. hi again stef

    next year when i come up or if i do not too too sure yet?
    i would like to help out with botteling things
    as i have seen when i have asked you questions about things.
    u seem to get confused a bit
    from alinta.

  5. hi stef alinta here
    i would like you to pass on message for me to all the mothers to wish them a happy mothers day for the 14nth of this month

    i hope all is well wiv everybody in the community and give everyone my love

    please and thankyou
    from alinta.

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