4 thoughts on “Sausage Making

    • I have never made the same recipe twice! This time it was a Polish Keilbasa recipe. If I ever do these again I will cut the garlic a bit!!
      Next time I hope to make some kind of cheese Kransky stuffed into natural hog casings.

  1. I love cheesy kransky’s (my latest weakness). I don’t think I have ever tried the polish kielbasa though, might have to look out for it & see what it’s like.

    Our local butcher (the husband of one of my old school friends) is always trying new recipies, with different spices & sauces in the mix, although he does have a number of regular recipies that are good too.

    • The main flavour in Polish Sausage is traditionally garlic… So if you like garlic they are great!
      There is a butchery in our area that was started by the Grandfather of some of our close friends, that has won several Australian Sausage Awards. We buy most of the meat we don’t raise ourselves from there.

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