School Picnic

A tradition in Rocky Cape is the annual school picnic, which is an afternoon of games and fun followed by a barbecue. We have this every summer, and this year, it happened at the end of January. What a day! We ended it gathered around the campfire.

We enjoyed our day of fun and fellowship! ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “School Picnic

  1. hi stefania

    i hope u are okay

    now in this picture i want find out a couple more things

    do u have any bible study groups in your community?
    and what are the people like?
    from alinta.

    • We have a youth night every Thursday at which we discuss serious issues and occasionally study Scripture. That’s for all the unmarried people from fifteen up. Three times a week we have a communal meeting at the end of the workday, where someone reads from the Bible or shares what they have on their heart, and we sing and pray.
      The people… well, that’s a complicated question! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are a friendly sort of people, I guess, and everyone has their own characteristics and qualities. No one is the same.
      God bless!

      • hi stef

        what do u mean by when u say everybody is a sort of friendly people ?
        not sure what u mean by that

        from alinta
        i hope to hear from u about this
        please and thankyou.

        • I just mean that we generally accept people the way they are, and are happy to have guests in our homes and enjoy each other’s company.

  2. hi stef

    maybe u may not have understood what i meant about the people in the community in general
    what i meant was is everybody safe to be around?
    thankyou for replying to the above
    from alinta

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