7 thoughts on “Shipping Fish? Or Fishing with a Ship:)

    • The fish goes to Sydney Fish Market, the largest fish wholesaler in the southern hemisphere. Most of what we sell is Calamari, which is a type of squid.

  1. I love Calamari. I probably have it about 2-3 times a month. It is usually my first choice in seafood, closely followed by salt & pepper squid.

    I have only been to the fish markets a few times. It is in an awkward & busy place, about an hour from where I live. I drive past there with work a bit at the moment, but we are getting that route taken off our depot next month, so I won’t be going that way much longer.

      • Yep, an absolute nightmare to get in & out of. It is under one of the major western thoroughfares out of the CBD. I usually end up trying to pass it in afternoon peak, the worst time of the day to be in that area. Thankfully we are handing full control of that route over to another depot in 3 weeks time (although I suspect we will end up getting it back in a few months).

        • Ive never been there just written the address a few times:-)
          I’d love to go and attend the market though.
          I guess that must be one of those routes that you just can’t give away:-)

          • It’s worth checking out if you are up here, although it is in bad need of redevelopment at the moment (I have a feeling it is planned, but not sure when that will happen).

            The route goes closest is handled by our Ryde depot, the one I do we currently share with Leichhardt depot, although they will be getting this exclusively when all the changes come in.

            We are losing about half of our routes that take us outside the Eastern Suburbs, they are being divided up in the name of route optimisation. Time will tell if this is the right move.

            We are short staffed at our depot, and with summer almost upon us, we are going to be very busy along the beaches & bays on the south side of the harbour (Sydney’s most popular tourist areas). We will still have a few that go into the CBD, and the Burwood via the airport run (my personal favourite), but mostly we will be in close to Bondi. We are getting updated timetables for the first time in about 20 years too, so that should make life a bit easier too. At the moment this is all a trial, we may get some of these routes back after the summer.

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