Our summer was a little slow in coming this year, but it seems to be finally here. Praise God, for he has promised to Noah and all his descendants in Genesis 8:22 that “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

This gives us the confidence that no matter what changes, some things will always be the same:-)

Here are some photos of Summer in Rocky Cape!!

4 thoughts on “Summer!!

  1. I have been keeping an eye on the weather in Tassie over the last few months & wondering if it was normal (due to this being the time of year I hope to get down there).

    We have had the opposite problem up here – very hot & humid (I prefer dry hear to humid heat), lots of rain & storms, almost like a tropical climate. Hopefully we have seen the end of it for now.

    • Yeah hopefully this weather hangs on for a while yet. It was kind of ironic that NSW was having a terrible bushfire summer with over 100 bushfires and we were having an incredibly mild, rainy and windy summer.

      • Would you believe that this bushfire season was quieter than average for us!!! We have been lucky where I am, not having had a major fire in almost 15 years. They can be scary when we do get them, being mostly surrounded by dense bush, although we do have a buffer of about 100m thanks to other streets & houses.

        We have been getting all the rain this last week or so, including a few bad storms & strong winds. There has been a bit of flooding in a number of areas, including near my brother’s house & as usual at the Audley weir near our house. We have another 2 weeks of rain predicted (perfectly timed with my annual leave unfortunately), so we may see more flooding over the next couple of weeks.

        I hope the good weather continues for you.

        • I guess the bushfires were more talked about here because we didn’t really have any. There were a few inconsequential ones in the east of the state, but its been pretty quiet for the most part

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