We Went to Agfest!

Agfest is the biggest agricultural show in Australia, and occurs every May in Carrick, two hours from here. This year, we had a stall there and baked big-time for it! We really went all out, and what we didn’t earn back in money we earned in experience, unity, and closeness. It was a truly blessed time as the entire community worked together to make it happen. To see every single person rise up to the challenge and do more than their share was amazing. We wouldn’t trade that extremely busy week for anything! It really showed how far we’ve come in working together, and while we’re still learning, it was so encouraging!

Some pictures:

The taste testers! (well, two of them)

The bakers!

Packaging in full swing…

Monster bikkies in progress.

We worked far into the nights…

Finally, we (the bakers) got to go work at the real thing!

All in all, it was a huge bite to chew, but it was worth it! Praise God for His faithfulness!

3 thoughts on “We Went to Agfest!

  1. hi stefania

    i would like to congratulate everybody for working hard for making things happen
    some of the food looks good i remember years ago wiv my family i went agfest
    keep the pictures come in
    wiv love from alinta.xxx

  2. Great effort Stefania and company!! I wonder what f you sold everything you baked? You must have been so pleased with the effort. Well done!

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