Here are posted some writings from through the ages which we have found inspiring.

Excerpts from the writings of Eberhart Arnold, the founder of the Buderhof communities, which are found throughout the world

An article  by Elmo Stoll, who was the founder of a Cristian community in Kentucky, USA

An Epistle to Diognetus from the 2nd century AD

Eternal Ethics

Harmony in the Wilderness

An article on the life of Leo Tolstoy

An article on a man named Rachoff

A discussion on the The Kingdom of God

Excerpts from The Russians Secret, Peter Hoover

Excerpts from The Secret of the Strength, Peter Hoover

Leo Tolstoy’s Confessions

Christian Anarchy, Vernard Eller

Why We Live in Community, Eberhard Arnonld

Portraits of Seekers

An article about Christians in Russia by Johan Peters c1929

Somebodies or Nobodies

Pleasure and Property

The life story of Anna Wipf

The life story of Antoni Erfordter

Christian Soldiers of Serbia

The story of the martyrdom of Christl

Christoph Wiegner

The life of Conrad Grebel

The story of Edward Burrough

The martyrdom of Felix Manz

The martyrdom of Georg Jäschke

The story of George Fox

The story of Hanna

The story of Hans Schlaffer

The story of Hans Schmid

The story of Jakob Walter

The story of Jean de Labadie

The story of  Jan Hendriksz

The story of  Julius Kubassek

The story of Leonhard Schiemer

The story of  Lourens Janssen

 The story of Mary Ferrar

The story of Mary Fisher

The story of Menno Simons

The story of Michel Waldner

The story of Peter Walpot

The story of Pierre Valdés

The story of Pieryntgen van Loosvelt

The story of the Plockhoy Settlement

The story of Regina Rosenberg

The story of Sanji

The story of Solón Castillo

The story of Sundar Singh

The story of the Spirit Wrestlers of Caucasus

An article about a group of people called The Diggers

An article about a group of people called The Seekers